A fearless heart is what we need to reach our goals. Life is short,and days are passing very fast. We are now in 2020,and the future is here. There’s no need to be afraid. There’s no reason to hold back. Have no fears because life is a journey that ends.


What is loneliness? The feeling of emptiness that conquers the soul and the smile freezes in the face.
How can you escape this gap?  You stand in the midst of people but you feel like an abandoned ruin. You feel like a desert tree in the middle of a storm that strikes everywhere with the blow. But the tree has no fear.

Staying in darkness for to much years you get used with it, and you are not afraid.
 Today I am feeling alone. I feel empty as a frame without picture. What do I do? How to get rid of these cold and rusted iron cuffs? I, like a bird locked in a cage that has to find the door to freedom and to what I have been once.
 There is nothing left of me only memories and a broken mosaic. Only pieces of a formative that I can not fill. It is very difficult to be alone. Missed without direction.
   Lonely among peoples. A dead soul walking in the deserted streets of my body. An unfinished painting in anticipation of her painter.

Go on dreaming

I dream to write,and I write my dream.
I dream to live, and I live in my dream.
Cause in dreams everything it’s possible.
There the pain does not break the soul.
In reality we are particle of dreams.
A dream is the history we hold.
I have a dream to dream about dreams.
And to never give up.
Life ends when the dreams are over.
So dream on and never stop!
And when the difficulties will come,
to keep you from moving on.
You still go on dreaming, 
still don’t lose your hope.
Cause what is the purpose of life,if it’s not to dream? 
What are we without our dreams?
Does our existence means?
A dream it’s all we need.
A dream it’s the strongest hope.
Let’s keep our dreams tightly,
as our reason to live in this world.
And then to fight for them,
to accomplish them with hard work.
To find the courage within ourselves,
to pass the obstacles with motif and joy.

What dreams are

Dreams are my gold,my power,my will .

Dreams are my soil,my air,my sea.

Dreams are my moon,my sky,my stars.

Dreams are my friend,my companion,my guide.

Dreams are my boat,my plane,my bike.

Dreams are my walk,my rest,my run.

Dreams are my sorrow,my tear,my smile.

Dreams are my win,my loss,my try.

Dreams are my sleep,my wake,my sight.

Dreams are my shelter,my roof,my house.

Dreams are my nation,my language,my flag.

Dreams are my faith,my prayer,my God.

Dreams are my forest,my garden,my farm.

Dreams are my travel,my road,my path.

Dreams are my thought,my focus,my mind.

Dreams are my race,my finish,my start.

Dreams are my freedom,my prison,my pride.

Dreams are my name,my existence,my life.

Dreams are my peace,my war,my fight.

Dreams are my poem,my quote,my line.

Dreams are my forever,my always,my now.

Dreams are my darkness,my candle,my light.

Dreams are my more,my less,my enough.

Dreams are my help,my saviour,my never giving up.

Dreams are what I am, and what shall I be.

Dreams are my life’s melody.

How I would like to change the world

       I am a small world living inside this big world we all share together. In this small world I keep my dreams, my hopes, my feelings, my fears and everything else that it’s close to my heart. Inside this small world I live a happy and simple life. A life that I want to share with this enormous and noisy world. Through my words I’ll show you my small world for you to see how I would change this our big world. Welcome in my world dear reader! I pray for my words to be  welcomed in your heart.
   The first thing I’ll show you it’s the beauty of living simple. Yes, I know what you are thinking. This is a cliché. But sometimes in life a cliché means everything and for me it does.  Nowadays simplicity it’s called ‘old school’ and we always tend to forget  those simple little things we have in our lives cause we are in a blind chase to get those shining luxury lights which we think will make us feel better. We have forgotten how to live because we are just existing. In this my small world I am very happy cause I’m living truly. In this my simple life the most precious treasure I own it’s my library and the most beautiful gift I’ve got it’s a well written postcard from my dearest friend. You can’t imagine how happy I get when I find postcards or books under my Christmas tree. Or when I get a good morning message from my loved ones. My friends always tell me that making me happy it’s the easiest thing to do. Isn’t this magical?   To make someone happy with only a lovely poem or with a good book. To make someone smile by only sending a happy birthday postcard. This is what I want this big world to have. This is the first thing I want to change my beloved friend. I want to fill this modern world with simplicity. I pray for us to open our eyes and to see the wonderful gifts we have. I want to make people happy with the magic of written words and I have started doing that. I send postcards every Christmas and I leave well written reviews whenever I go. Words, my friend, are the most powerful asset we have. With them we can heal a bleeding heart, we can dry tears, we can turn on the lights of hope. Words are our gift from above. God has given us His Word which is written in The Bible for us to live happy in this world He created. Let’s start living simple my beloved friend. Let’s empty our hands from every materialistic possessions we have and let’s fill our hearts with feelings which will live forever even after we are gone.
    Now it’s the moment for you to see how much I love in this my small world. Yes, my beloved friend, I’m going to show you the importance of love. In this my small world I’ve learned to love everything from peoples to butterflies. I love my country, my mornings, my evenings, my successes and my failures, my garden and the nature. But above all this things I love my process. I’ve learned to be patient and to improve myself. I don’t work for short term happiness cause my goal it’s not to impress the big world. I work for my long term success and I don’t fear the obstacles, I’ve learned to love them instead. This is one other thing I want to change in this world my beloved friend. I want to spread love for only love can change the world. Only love has that magic power. We are living in difficult times and our hearts are frozen from the coldness of this modern reality. We’ve forgotten how to love, we don’t live in the castle of love because we are too busy in being part of this useless race. We are running in a marathon that isn’t ours and we don’t even know where this run it’s going to take us. This modern reality has taken our attention and we don’t know what really matters anymore. I want to change this by loving in the way God loves us. I want to love unconditionality without no expectations for only love can calm this furious storm that has started in our lives. Let’s change this world together by loving like we have been loved in the eyes of our Lord. Let’s start the revolution of love my friend for only a heart filled with love can make a change.
   “One day I’ve read a book and all my life changed.”  This is my favorite quote from Orhan Pamuk, an amazing writer. When I first read this sentence I thought: ‘How can a book change one’s life?’  This my question found an answer when I decided to read The Bible. Orhan Pamuk was right, a book can change lives.  Yes, my beloved friend, now I’m going to show you how I want to change the world by reading books.  A book it’s a human created with written words and in every page we read there’s a human soul which is waiting for us to explore it’s wonderful world.  By reading books we become not just more smarter cause inside those pages we don’t gather only knowledge, we gather feelings. A book has the key to unlock our gates and to fill our rooms with deep emotions. Just imagine for a moment what an amazing world we would have if all the people will start to read. We would have a world full of feelings and sunshine. From every book I’ve took a lesson and inside of every book I’ve found a true friend that will never leave me no matter what happens.
   You see now my beloved friend? To change the world we only need to live simple, to love each other and to read books.